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Shower & Bath Drain Blockages

We are specially equipped to clear all types of blockages.

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Our drainage engineers deal with hundreds of blocked showers and drains a year.

Often the most common plumbing problem, we can clear blocked bath and shower drains easily and quickly. 

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J&P’s plumbers are available immediately throughout London and can be at your door within half an hour or less.

Clearing bathroom blockages

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Blockages found in shower plugholes can be caused mostly by clumps of long and tangled hair. 

On top of this grease from soaps and dirt can also form over time and create blockages.

Limescale is also a big cause of blockages as it can reduce the flow of water that drains from your bath or shower.

In simple situations where the build-up is not extreme, plungers and other devices can be effective at clearing the problem. 

For example, when hair attaches itself to the drain cover, this is easier to remove by hand or using a hook when unscrewing the drain cover.

However, slow draining issues can be caused by shallow trays, where the gradient is not steep enough.

Rely on a trusted plumber

highly rated serviceMany homeowners we meet would rather avoid the problem of unblocking a drain themselves.

Or sometimes, when the blockage is too deep into the pipework and chemical agents do not work, a specialist needs to intervene.

Rest assured that our drainage experts carry with them specialist equipment which allows them to clear the toughest of all bath and shower blockages.

With a full 20 metres reach, our powerful electro-mechanical tools combined with our decades of experience means we can solve clogged drains quickly and smoothly.

We are available to respond to your calls 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hard water blockages

London is notoriously known for problems associated with hard water.

The prime location means that properties in the city are more susceptible to blockages, especially in showers and baths.

When soap is mixed with hard water it forms insoluble compounds that build up over time and reduce flow capacity in pipes.

Plungers are useless to fight this and it can be extremely difficult to remove from inside of the pipes.

The danger of chemical products

Often deemed fast and affordable, chemical products can often provide a quick solution to drainage solutions.

However, these products are not always effective and need to be used with caution.

There is a possibility that these products can damage pipework if they are used regularly and should not be used as a permanent solution.

This is especially the case if you mix different products.

We would advise using bicarbonate soda and vinegar as a replacement for these products if you are going to use them at all. 

We're fully trade accredited and all our plumbers are vetted and trade accredited experts

30-minute arrivals in London

We can arrive within the following locations in London in just 30 minutes: Wimbledon, Battersea, Mitcham, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Hammersmith, Chiswick, New Malden, Worcester Park.

However, we do have tradesmen based around the whole city who can be sent to your home immediately.


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