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Here at J&P, we deal with hundreds of toilet repairs a year. If your toilet is leaking, not flushing or overflowing get in touch with us today.

We have 30 years of experience dealing with any faults that can occur with toilets and cisterns.

When you are experiencing issues with your toilet’s plumbing it can cause havoc in your home.

We understand that leaks, blockages and flushing issues need to be dealt with immediately, that’s why we have plumbers ready to go throughout south-west London so that they can get to you when you need them most.


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Repairing a toilet is not for the fainthearted.

However, when it comes to toilets there are various things that can go wrong, whether it is a leaking tank or a problem with the flush. 

Speak to us today and one of our specialist plumbers will be able to pinpoint the problem area and advise you best on next steps. 

We can confidently repair and resolve issues with freestanding or concealed toilets.

Common Types of Toilet Repairs

Here are just a few common bathroom plumbing issues we see and fix the most:

Toilet repair for leaking or running water

Does your toilet make a constant sound of running water? There should not be any sound of water running down the toilet bowl after the period of flushing. 

If this is an issue you are experiencing, one of our plumbing experts will be able to tell you straight away that you have a problem with leakage.

The common cause of this problem is often when the water pressure is too high. This will be checked by your plumber before any attempt at a repair is made. 

Toilet plumbing and blockages

Trustatrader LogoOften the most common and hated toilet repairs is a blocked toilet.

When a blocked toilet overflows bathrooms often become flooded with dirty water trickling from the toilet.

Blockages are mostly caused by materials being flushed down the toilet, like wipes. But an inadequate flushing system can also be the main root of the problem. 

Minor blockages can often be treated with a plunger, however, some more serious blockages will need a plumber to investigate the source of the problem, which might be in the pipework or drainage system. 

Toilet repair techniques for poor flushing

Is your flush not working correctly? There might be a slight opportunity for you to fix this at home without the intervention of professional help. 

You will need to lift the lid of the cistern and examine the tank for any problems.

Issues to look out for include:

  • When you flush is a lever inside the tank pulling too? Or is it broken? The rod that pulls the lever could be broken or is unhooked.
  • Identify the plastic diaphragm (fill valve/Ballcock valve) – has it split? Does it lift the water when you flush?
  • Is the float ball obstructed or waterlogged?

For anything you are unsure of, it’s always best to contact a plumber or repair technician who will be able to spot and fix these toilet-related problems easily and quickly for you – saving you time, hassle and stress.

Our plumbers can be with you quickly. See the locations we cover.

Low rates for repairs

One of the many reasons customers choose us time and time again is because our rates are transparent and include no hidden costs.

The way we charge our customers is usually by the amount of time we spend at your property.

If we spend one hour and five minutes, we will only ever charge you for one hour. 

First, the plumber will arrive at your home and assess what needs doing. Before fixing anything, he will give you an accurate estimation of the work needed before proceeding. 

Most of the toilets and bathroom faults we repair are completed in just one visit. 

We charge £85 an hour for plumbing works.

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