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Problem with a leak or a tap that needs fixing? J&P can do it.

Almost immediate response and quick, efficient work once quoted for. – A. Thornton

We replace and install hundreds of kitchen and bathroom taps as well as taps that need attention on the outside of your property.

Whether you need a new mixer tap for the kitchen, or a leak fixing in the bathroom our specialist plumbers are conveniently located in south-west London so they can be right with you as soon as you call. 

If you need a tap repaired or replaced in London then call us today on 020 7610 1616.

Most common reasons for leaky taps

The professional plumbers that we work with are capable of fixing and replacing any sort of tap located both on the inside and outside of your property.Often taps tend to become faulty when they get old. Other reasons can include incorrect prior installation, worn-out washer, issues with the o-ring or a corroded valve seat.

With plenty of information online about how to fix problems with the sink yourself, we would suggest against it.

We’ve seen time and time again customers incorrectly sealing the taps or installing the wrong fittings, which have left them spending more money and time on resolving the problem.

Even though it may seem like you are cutting costs by hiring a plumber, this is often not the case. 

Fast and effective repairs

Our team of expert plumbers are more than capable of fixing or replacing any sort of tap that might be either located on the inside or outside of your property.

Below are some of the tap repair jobs that our technicians have the most experience dealing with and see on a day to day basis:

  • Repair and replacement of kitchen taps
  • Bathroom taps repair and replacement
  • Replacement of both bathroom and kitchen mixer taps
  • Replace bath taps/mixer taps
  • Basin mixer tap replacement
  • Repair a dripping tap 
  • Repair leak from a waste pipe or tap
  • Mixer tap cartridge replacement
  • Shower tap replacement
  • Change a tap washer

We have the expertise and experience to work with any brand or type of shower, toilet, sink or bath.

We charge £85 per hour.

Brands Local Heroes Appliance Engineers can help with include

Keep water bills low and avoid health risks

On first look, a leaky tap might not seem like such a big issue. But our plumbers would tell you differently.

One faulty tap can noticeably raise your water bill. For example, if your tap drips once every second that’s equal to an extra four litres of water every day.

Whereas sinks and taps that are experiencing full-on leakages can lose more than 90 litres of water a day.

Not only this, but it can cause more damage to your home causing the wood to soften and rot and even cases of nasty mould and mildew.

That’s why we always recommend homeowners and landlords to treat leaks as soon as they are spotted.

A highly-trusted company with 30 years experience

Trustatrader LogoOur team of highly skilled plumbers and engineers are perfectly qualified and have sufficient experience in the field. We only hire and recruit the best plumbers with a minimum of five years of experience in the trade.

Whether you are currently redecorating, or your tap is a little faulty, most of the time a tap replacement is necessary. Choosing a qualified plumber to complete the task will save you time, stress and money.

Regardless if it’s your bathtub, shower, basin or sink, talk to us today and we will offer you professional advice to get you the help you need.

CALL 020 7610 1616

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