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When a plumbing leak occurs, whether it’s pipework or leaking taps, it’s always best to get it fixed sooner or later by plumbers you trust.

The delay in getting it fixed can lead to further damage to your property resulting in more expensive costs, as well as increasing your water bills.

Our expert plumbers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to fix any type of plumbing leak.

We’re experienced replacing rubber washers, ceramic discs in dripping taps and plumbing pipework that might be damaged.

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With over 30 years of experience, J&P are here to help. 

Repairing leaking taps

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Rest assured that our highly-qualified plumbers carry basic spare parts in their vans, which helps us to act quickly and solve your problems in just one visit. 

This can be extremely helpful for leaks, which occur most on dual-level and compression valve taps that can be sorted swiftly without waiting for specific parts to order and arrive.

However, single-lever operated mixer taps that use ceramic cartridges are not so easy to resolve. As these cartridges are often specific to certain and single manufactures we cannot guarantee that our plumbers will be carrying all the variations. 

Thankfully, our large network of plumbing suppliers based in south-west London makes it easy for our plumbers to order, pick up and fit the replacement part you need. This often does not take longer than two days.

Cheap plumbing rates

  • £85 an hour
  • Discounted half & full-day rates
  • Fixed prices and no hidden costs
  • Free callout charges

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See the full breakdown of costs here. For any plumbing emergencies get in touch with us straight away.

Fixing a leaking sink

Leaking sinks can be harder to fix than a dripping tap. Fixes can often be dirty making it difficult to pinpoint the problem.

A leaking sink is often caused by:

  • Water hose leaks: These leaks are messy where water is often sprayed everywhere
  • Drain line leaks: If water leaks when you let the tap run down the drain, or when you empty a full sink then it’s likely you have a leak in the drain line
  • Faulty sink drain seal: Sometimes, leaks can be caused in the seal around the plughole. If your water level drops orf moisture appears under the sink then the seal is not sound.

We're fully trade accredited and all our plumbers are vetted and trade accredited experts

Fixing a leaking bath

A leaking bath can cause serious damage to floors and sealings, so make sure you have it fixed as soon as the problem occurs.

Causes of a leaking bath are:

  • Poor seals around wastes
  • Sealant around tiles and wales has degraded
  • Leaking pipes

Fixing a leaking shower

A Shower Installation in your property is effortless when you contact J&P for a licensed plumber!The problem with leaking pipes is that the problem often lies behind walls or tiles, which does not make for an easy DIY fix. 

Signs of damage:

  • Tiles lifting
  • Water coming through ceilings
  • Presence of mould or mildew
  • Paint that is peeling or flaking

Fixing a leaking toilet

Out of all the leaks a home can have, the toilet has to be the worst, most annoying and unsanitary. It’s one of your household fixtures that can actually leak in various different ways.

What to look out for:

  • Crack in the bowl or tank
  • Damaged/broken ballcock and float
  • Feed line has become worn
  • Fill valve faulty
  • Blocked overflow


Our experienced, local central heating engineers are on hand to help with any repairs or installations you may need.Tips from professional plumbers

Always ensure that you turn off the water supply before a plumber’s visit or undertaking any repairs alone.

If you are considering trying to repair a leaking tap on your own, we advice to make careful notes on how you disassembled the tap.

This will help you to avoid any problems in putting it back together. 

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