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Gas Safety Checks & Certificates for households in London

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All rental properties are required by law to be issued with an annual Gas Safety Certificate. 

Landlords across London have a legal obligation to check all gas appliances within a property using a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

This is to ensure the checks are carried out safely and all gas appliances are working properly and securely.

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Once the certificate has been issued, it will detail the appliances that are deemed safe for use and that they meet official safety standards.

Essential information for landlords

Ensuring your property complies with gas safety regulations in the UK.

There are various gas safety certificates that can be issued, many of which are handed over when an appliance is installed.

However, enquiries involving a gas safety certificate will relate to a yearly check being carried out on your boiler or gas appliance. This is often referred to as a CP12 (Gas Safety Record).

Appliances include:

  • Hobs
  • Cookers
  • Gas meter
  • Boiler
  • Fires

Check your gas safety with The J&P Group

As property owners and landlords are legally required to undertake annual gas safety checks, they will need to provide the tenant with a copy of the current gas safety record for all their rental properties.

Annual boiler servicing and checks can only be carried out by a qualified and highly-trained Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Here at J&P, our team consists of experienced gas safe engineers who can be at your property within half an hour of your call.


Not only will we follow the correct procedure and carry out standard checks, but go the extra mile to identify any other possible faults that can affect the longevity of your boiler, these include:

  • Control functions
  • Leak detection and corrosion
  • Visual inspections of pipework
  • Water pressure checks

See: Boiler Installation Timeline.

Types of certificates

We service domestic and commercial systems.

Annual safety checks for gas appliances include:

  • Landlord or home owner gas safety record (CP12)
  • Gas installation safety report (CP17)
  • Commercial catering appliances require a gas safety inspection (CP42)

Trusted & registered engineers

Our experienced, local central heating engineers are on hand to help with any repairs or installations you may need.All of J&P’s boiler engineers and gas engineers are able to meet all your Gas Safety Certificate needs.

Types of gas services covered by a Gas Safety Certificate include:

  • Installing, repairing or servicing a gas boiler
  • Installing or repairing a gas fire, gas cooker or hob
  • Gas safety certificates for landlords
  • Appliance installation certificates 


We have a fixed cost of £90+ VAT for a gas safety certificate.

If additional works are required to bring the installation up to standard, we have a transparent and fair pricing policy so all customers know upfront what the charges are and what the potential total costs will be.

This includes:

  1. No call out fee
  2. Half-hour time slots
  3. Fair timing policy 

Full a full list of our charges see our pricing.

Free help and advice

Gas Safety Certificates are required by law because unmaintained and poorly serviced gas appliances can emit carbon monoxide which in extreme cases can be lethal.

Call us on 020 7610 1616 to talk to us today about issuing a certificate.

We are happy to help residents and landlords in London secure their homes to ensure their gas appliances are installed correctly and safely.

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