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Which boiler do you need for your home? An essential guide

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Have you just moved into a new home? Or perhaps your boiler needs replacing and it’s time to install a brand new make and model.

When it comes to choosing the right boiler to supply your home with hot water and central heating can be a difficult task.

With a huge variety of models and manufacturers on the market, which all vary in price, it can be hard to make the right decision.

The truth when it comes to boilers is that there is no one size fits all. 

Choosing the correct boiler will all depend on your home’s heating needs and budget.

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Details you need to be aware of

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Landlords and homeowners often face the difficulty of trying to decipher exactly what they need from a boiler.

The issue tends to be over complicated with finer details such as choosing the type of fuel (mains gas, LPG/Low-Pressure Gas, or oil). 

When considering installing a new boiler the following factors will need to be to reviewed:

  • Where your new boiler is going to be positioned
  • Does the old one need removing?
  • The type and size of boiler your home requires
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • How is your new boiler going to be set up?
  • Picking the right and accredited heating engineer or tradesmen
  • Ensuring appliances are gas safety checked
  • Know the legal requirements (for example, it is a legal requirement to fit a condensing boiler where possible).

Types of boilers

J&P believe that it’s crucial to have high-quality equipment and a good quality installation.There is a wide variety of boiler choices on the market, and as the boiler is one of the most important appliances needed in your home, it’s important to choose the right one for you.

Combi: Compact, quiet and efficient, the combination boiler supplies both the hot water and heating within the same unit.

System boiler: Perfect for households with multiple bathrooms, which will allow hot water to run from both taps and showers at the same time without interruption. 

Heat-only boiler: Involving one storage tank and one expansion tank. Coldwater is pushed into the hot water cylinder, which is then heated by the boiler.

Most types of boilers can be powered by several different fuels, which depends on the location of your home. These include mains gas, LPG, bottled gas, oil, wood and timber and coal. 

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In these instances, it best to gain advice from a qualified heating engineer or manufacturer. 

The location of your boiler

Boilers can be mounted on the floor (perfect for places where wall space is limited), attached to the wall (usually placed in kitchens, lofts or cupboards).

If you are looking into replacing your existing boiler and looking to make more space in your home, it can be possible to relocate the position of your boiler.

Again, it is advised to discuss this with a plumber or heating engineer to understand the options available to you.

Safety first

Our experienced, local central heating engineers are on hand to help with any repairs or installations you may need.It is important to know that any work that is done on a gas system or appliance must be done by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Required by law, using a gas safe registered engineer will ensure any gas work carried out on your property is done by using the correct knowledge, skills and qualifications. 

This will ensure carbon monoxide is not present in your home and that any leaks, fires and explosions are avoided.

Do You Need A Gas Safety Certificate For Your Property?

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