Great news for customers this winter!!

//Great news for customers this winter!!

Great news for customers this winter!!

We have just had our weekly meeting here at J and P Plumbing and I am pleased to announce some great news to all of our customers.

Unlike some of our “competitors” in the London plumbing and heating sector, we have today decided to freeze all our prices for this winter. It is the third year running we have decided to keep our rates the same while others have kept theirs creeping up year on year.
With fuel billa escalating and the recession really taking hold, we have decided not to raise our hourly rates.

Combine this with one of our 10% discount loyalty cards and I’m sure its plain to see we are the most affordable and reliable option.

If you’re a new customer, give us a try. Those that do – stay loyal customers!!

Wrap up warm out there people!!!

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