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You may have a shower that’s slow to drain away or a sink that’s backed up, your garden gulley or manhole may be overflowing or you may be a restaurant or pub with a flooding basement or toilets, the same number deals with all of your drainage Notting Hill problems.

Emergency Problems

Unfortunately with a drainage problem you only find out after the problem has been there a while, and a blocked drain can often be an emergency.Drainage Notting Hill

We appreciate that not being able to empty the sink, the bath or flush the toilet is not only an inconvenience but is potentially a health hazard and therefore we do treat this as an emergency.

Prioritising Customer Service

J & P are a family business and have been providing plumbing and drainage services to households in London for over 30 years. We are not a call centre or franchise. Most of our business comes from existing customers and customer referrals. So when we come and see you we want you to be so happy with the service we provide that not only will you use us again, but you will tell your friends.

All of our drainage engineers are fully trained and are provided with the latest equipment and protective clothing. So with your drainage Notting Hill problem, you can be assured of a quick and clean solution.

J & P not only can help with drainage systems within the property, but the below ground drainage pipework down to where it connect into the public sewer, bur also external rainwater systems from the gutters to the down- pipes.

Drainage Notting Hill Services

We offer a whole range of drainage services, including:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Repairs
  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • Blocked Drains (unblocking WC’s, sinks, baths, man holes, below ground drainage)
  • Blocked Toilets (unblocking drains)
  • Blocked Sink (unblocking drains)
  • Drain Jetting
  • Drain rodding
  • New drainage pipework installations
  • Drain disinfection and de-odourising
  • Rainwater gutter clearing and repairs
  • Repairing drainage pipe leaks
  • Replacing drainage pipework
  • Plus much more…

Emergency Drainage Companies in Notting Hill

If there is a problem with the drainage within a property, especially is the main drain from the property is blocked and all WC and sinks are backing up, not only is this an inconvenience but can be a health hazard and emergency that could render the property uninhabitable.

J&P realise the urgency of this situation and have emergency drainage on call 247 to deal with your emergency drainage problem. With our fully trained and experienced drainage engineers are fully equipped with the latest equipment we will resolve your drainage problem quickly and efficiently.

Happy Customer

When the water was not draining from the sink I initially just put some drainer cleaner down which I bought from the local supermarket. This did nothing so we removed the –bend to clean it out. This was clean so next looked to the drain the sink was draining into and this was all backing up as well.

We then called in J&P who quickly determined that the main drain from the property to the public sewer was blocked. They quickly got rid of the blockage, then sprayed clean disinfected all the drains. They sorted out the problem very quickly and efficiently and I’ll definitely use them again if we have another problem.

Chris. Notting Hill

Transparent Pricing

We have a transparent and fair pricing policy so all customers know up front what the charges are and what the potential total costs will be. This includes:

  1. No call out fee (but one hour minimum charge)
  2. Half hour time slots – after the first hour additional time is charged per half hour slot
  3. Fair timing policy – if a job takes one hour and 5 minutes, because we would like you to refer us to your friends we will not be charging you for 1.5 hours.

Please note that unlike many other companies, we do not charge more for the use of different pieces of machinery or equipment.

Full a full list of our charges see our pricing.


All new installation workmanship undertaken by J and P is covered by our written 12 month workmanship guarantee.

All supplied materials and products are covered by manufacturer’s guarantees.

Family Business

J&P are a family business serving the households of London for over 30 years. We are Drainage Notting Hill and Drainage Companies in Notting Hill and the majority of our business comes from existing customers and customer referrals.

We are not a franchise or call centre and all our electricians only work for us, so when you call J&P we would like to you be pleased with the service you receive so you will not only use us again but you will refer us to your friends.

To see what some of our recent customers had to say about our reviews, please click here.

Contact Us

For your Drainage Notting Hill and Drainage Companies in Notting Hill enquiries, contact J and P to get your drainage problem solved today:

020 7610 1616


or via our Facebook page & we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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