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Boiler Breakdown Tips

It is with a sense of irony that we can let you know that by far the most common time for a central heating boiler to break down is when we need it most! – the first time it is switched on after the summer, in a really cold snap etc.

Finding yourself without heating and/or hot water is not fun at the best of times, especially in freezing weather. It is crucially important that if your boiler does break that you do not attempt to fix it yourself. Not only could this be dangerous, but there is a possibility that it could invalidate both your boiler guarantee and also your household insurance. For these reasons alone it is vital to call in an expert, but before you do this there are a few things that can be done.

Things to check when your boiler stops working:

Check the Electricity?

If there is no electricity in the house, the chance exists that you may be on the receiving end of a power cut, in which case the boiler should start working again once the power is restored.

If the power doesn’t come back on call your local supply company. The number will be available in your phone book.

Check the Gas?

If there is no gas reaching the boiler check the gas stop cock is switched on. This is usually located in a cupboard just outside your house or might be indoors. If it is on and there is no gas then call a heating engineer.

If you can smell gas then you might have a leak – switch off the gas at the stop cock, open the windows and call the national grid. Do not light any matches or switch on any lights as this could cause an explosion.

Is the Pilot Light On?

If the pilot light has gone out, your boiler will not work, so make sure that it is on. If it won’t ignite call an engineer.

Check Programme, Thermostat and Timer Settings

Before you assume that your heating has broken, it is always best to check that your heating is actually set to come on.

Check that the thermostat hasn’t accidently been changed – you can check this by turning it up higher than normal – the heating should then come on. If you have a remote control for operating your heating it is worth checking that it doesn’t have flat batteries!

If none of this works then you really do have a problem and the next step is to ring a heating engineer. For London and surrounding areas, we recommend you call J & P!!!

Further Information

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