Winter Plumbing Tips

Make The Winter Blues a Thing of The Past

When temperatures drop to freezing lows during the winter months, plumbing problems become increasingly common.  There are a number of things that home owners can do to help prevent these problems and in turn guard against the associated damage which can be caused to your home.

The team at J & P have drawn up the list of tips below to help remove the risk caused by winter plumbing problems.

  • Make sure that you keep an eye on your water pressure. One of the first signs of a frozen pipe is often restricted water flow.  If you notice this, make the first call you make to a professional plumber.
  • This may sound a little unusual but letting cold water trickle from any small faucets can prove to be highly effective when combating frozen pipes because running water does not freeze.
  • Make sure that you disconnect any garden hoses which you may have from any outdoor taps. If this is not done during a cold spell, ice will form and pressure will build up in the water lines within your home.  Once this occurs, a water line leak or break is almost certain to take place which can lead to substantial damage being caused to your home. Combat this by disconnecting garden hoses and drain outdoor pipes to prevent damage during the winter.
  • Ensure that you shut-off any valve located within your property to drain water from pipes.  These valves can typically be found under sinks, closets, cellars, near your water heater or your meter etc.
  • Ensure that your heating is periodically switched on. The circulation of warm air will help to keep pipes in the walls from freezing. By ensuring your house temperate stays above 55 degrees, pipes will not begin to freeze and the chance of associated damage will be significantly reduced.
  • If snow falls, ensure that it does not restrict your water drainage.  If the drainage area is blocked by snow or flowing into a puddle, freezing could occur as well as water backing-up into the house.

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