Why Choose Your Local Plumber

If you encounter regular and persistent faults with your drainage system, a CCTV survey can help you to identify and solve the problem using the most sophisticated CCTV technology.  If you contract a company that has a skilled team of engineers who are well trained and skilled, (such as ourselves!) they should be able to identify where the problem by using CCTV inspection.  Most of the companies carry cameras which are used to check out the problem.

The survey is able to identify collapsed, drained and will liaise with your insurer to have the problem fixed. This is important since it removes the problem for you and frees your time to enable you focus on the core values of your business.

Easy Identification of Issues

If you are weary of drainage problem and you are looking for the best way to avoid them in future, you can trust a CCTV drain survey which can quickly give you a detailed outlook of the underground drain’s condition and take the necessary steps to remedy to the condition.

Remote Controlled Cameras

The CCTV survey makes use of the remotely controlled camera and software in identifying problems within your   system.  The survey uses drain inspection cameras to send images to the mobile van unit and to make it easier for the technicians to assess the structural condition and integrity of the sewer line or the drain. This will be done with no disruption to your environment and property.

CCTV survey utilizes the most sophisticated CCTV technology and equipment.  They have cameras mounted with specialist software which gives you a chance to have the result displayed on the DVD. After analyzing the images, the technical support staff is able to release a detailed technical report for further action.

Record Keeping

Note that CCTV survey uses powerful cameras to scan the entire sewer while it stores the data digitally. The survey results can easily be referenced on the PC either in office or in the field. This method is not just cost effective but is one of the methods to use to collect precise data such as the shape of the drain or the sewer so that remedial actions can be taken.

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