Don’t let blocked drains cause you problems. We clean and repair all types of drains and have been working with commercial clients and home owners in Central London cleaning, clearing and repairing their drains for over 25 years. From unblocking a bathroom sinks, to clearing out the gutters of an Edwardian semi, drain cleaning, repair and maintenance in restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets and garages etc…

We have the expertise and equipment to deal will all your blocked drains requirements.

What Can Cause Blocked Drains?

We generally find that the causes of blocked drains (whether domestic or commercial) are similar – substance build-up inside the pipes includes grease, silt and leaves. This is primarily will be caused by (1) grease and fat poured down a kitchen sink (2) general debris or garden rubbish and leaves finding their way into the drain system from around your property or (3) nappies or sanitary towels flushed down the WC.

Regular Maintenance

We advise that there is a regular maintenance programme put in place for properties, this can help to identify problems before they become a crisis and allow us to make repairs to ensure that the drainage system stays in top working condition.  For commercial properties, especially take-always or restaurants who have to deal with large quantities of fats and grease on a regular basis a drain cleaning and maintenance repair programme is essential.

Drainage Cleaning Services

We provide a large range of services related to drain cleaning, from clearing sinks and toilets, plus clearing gulleys, guttering and manholes; basically if it’s part of the drainage system within your property we will clear it, unblock it, clean it or repair it.

Further Information

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