Have you ever been in the position where your cold water supply has stopped for no apparent reason? What would you do in these circumstances? The easiest thing to do of course, is simply give us a call 020 7610 1616! There are a couple of things that you can do to help though.

So what exactly should you do when your cold water stops running?

It may sound obvious but the first thing to do is a quick investigation to see if you can see why it may have stopped? Finding the stopcock valve which controls the water supply into your property should be your first port of call. If you find that it has been turned off, you have very quickly solved your problem – simply turn it back on and you should have your water supply back.

If you turn it back and there is still no water, or you find that the valve was already turned on, there is every chance that the problems lies away from your property.

Is it a Widespread Problem?

A quick chat with your neighbours will help you to find out whether the problem is widespread. If your neighbours have been effected, you may well find that the problem is down to your water supplier and a phone call to them may help you get to the root of the problem.

If you can’t detect why the water may no longer be accessible in your property, then call your water supplier as soon as possible because they will be able to inform you of any known problems or maintenance that might be taking place.

A Common Issue in London

Unfortunately, broken or damaged pipes are an all too common problem in London and will often result in a significantly reduced mains water pressure – or sometimes no water at all. When water suppliers perform maintenance that will require the supply to your property to be disconnected for a period of time. If they need to switch it off for an extended period of time then they will inform you, however they can sometimes leave you without water for 4 or 5 hours before switching it on again.


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