If you have noticed that a drain in your home has become clogged, locating the specific blockage is an important first step in clearing it out. However, many clogs occur deep in the pipes and cannot be readily located through a simple visual inspection. The best way to proceed is by hiring a professional to carry out a CCTV drain survey.

How do these surveys work and what benefits do they offer?

Essentially, a small camera is mounted on the end of a long cable that is wound down the drain and into the pipe. This camera transmits a signal back up the cable to a monitor. This lets the plumber see exactly what is in the pipe so that he can locate the blockage as quickly as possible.

Primary Advantage

One of the advantages of this type of survey is that it is minimally intrusive. All the plumber has to do is reel the cable down your drain. He does not have to move anything or rip up any floors or walls. This means that a survey can be carried out without significantly disrupting your home or your routine.

Some surveys attempt to save money by relying on an operator who visually inspects everything that the camera sees. However, this means that the operator also has to control the camera while paying attention to its surroundings.

Ensuring Nothing is Missed

Operators may miss something important in such a case, delaying the needed repairs or cleanings. By recording all of the images that the camera transmits, a 3D model of the inside of your pipes can be constructed that makes it very easy to identify the source of the blockage, as well as spot any other problems that may be present.

You should also choose a plumber who uses as long a cable as possible. If the blockage is located well away from your home in a sewer line, for example, it may be hard to locate. Look for a survey that uses a cable that is at least 100 meters long.

As you can see, a CCTV drain survey makes it very easy to locate the source of a problem with your drains. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Further Information

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