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There are few more common plumbing issues than unblocking sinks. With the amount of different liquids and waste products that slip down there on a regular basis, it can be little surprise that from time to time, your sink will need some TLC to ensure that your drainage works as it should.

If you find that the water is taking longer than it should to drain away from your sink, there are a couple of different tips which can help you to unclog your sinks piping.

The Old Fashioned Way!

There are a huge variety of chemical cleaners designed to offer great results and we will come onto those shortly. However, the first place to start is the most cost effective way and that involves using a good old fashioned plunger.

Simply place the plunger directly over the plug hole and push down and up to move the air around in the pipes. You will be surprised how often this does just the trick to dislodge any large pieces of waste which can be causing the offending blockage.

The Next Step

If the good old fashioned way does not quite do the trick, the next step is to remove the U-Bend which will be found directly under the sink.

The U-Bend is not a trick name and is unsurprisingly, in a U shape. This is a crucial piece of piping which is typically filled with water which helps to prevent the terrible smells emanating from your sewage system from rising up through your sink. It is also a place where unwanted debris can get stuck resulting in a blockage.

Turning To The Chemical Cleaners

The new wave of chemical cleaners are the first choice for many people. However, if your sink is made from either an expensive or corrosive metal, chemical cleaners should be avoided at all costs due to the damage that they may cause.

Widely available from many different outlets, they are absolutely fine with standard sinks though but it is worth bearing in mind that they are only really effective on dirt and grease, and sometimes even take hours to work.

The best option is to contact the team at J & P who will provide you with a reliable option designed to remove any blockage quickly and effectively.

Further Information

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