We are all constantly searching for ways to make cutbacks and savings in our homes. Did you know though that the very latest in lighting technologies, sensors and control equipment can increase your energy savings?

Making Significant Cuts

The best way to save energy and make significant cuts within your home is by using the latest energy saving products and controls. When considering lighting for your building, you must make sure it complies with Part L of the building regulations. These regulations apply to both domestic and commercial properties.

When you are installing lighting in your home, always take into consideration how daylight enters your property. Lighting directly affects energy saving. New lighting technologies can reduce energy bills by up to 80%.

New Lighting Developments

The newest lighting developments include halogen, LED and CFL. These products have the extra benefits of longer life, quality light source, low temperature and reduced costs. Another alternative is to choose what type of tube to use. The T5 tube is 20% more energy efficient, has a longer life expectancy and a lower replacement cost.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Control devices can make a contribution to reducing energy consumption as they ensure appliances are only used when required. Electricians in London can ensure that control devices can be used in new buildings, existing buildings, as well as commercial and domestic buildings:

  • Dimmer switches – Controls the load of the light
  • Time delay switches
  • Card switches
  • The E-Box – this unit provides power optimisation by sitting between the supply and lighting load

Through the combination of voltage optimisation, power correction, lighting choice and control choice, they reduce energy consumption by eliminating waste which reduces your carbon footprint and increases your energy savings.

Further Information

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