Very few of us have been lucky enough to escape an electrical fault in our home at one point or another. One moment everything is fine and the next catastrophe! This inevitably leads to the question, what do we do next? Do we a) have a go at fixing the problem ourselves or b) do we pick up the phone and call in the professionals?

Whether you go for option a) or b) is often entirely dependent upon your own DIY skills and the DIY skills of the people you are with at the time. However, we have drawn up a list of the 5 reasons why it may be better to give your local qualified electricians (J&P!) a call.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Might Need An Electrician?

No. 1 – Problems with a Plug Socket

There is a world of difference between switching a faulty fuse from a plug, to attempting to fix the actual plug socket – due to the fact that this is where real danger can occur.

Take no risks whatsoever and if your plug sockets have experienced some type of damage, make sure that you turn to a professional electrician in London to fix the issue.

No. 2 – All The Power Appears To Have Gone Down

Have you experienced a power cut? Strange how it always seems to happen when it’s dark isn’t it! Giving an electrician a call will allow them to investigate whether it is a problem exclusive to your home or whether it is a problem affecting other houses in the area.

No. 3 – Major Jobs Such as Rewiring A Property

Occasions such as a house renovation may necessitate a complete re-wiring of the properties electrics. Unless you have a significant level of experience (and even then it’s not advisable), we strongly recommend seeking out the assistance of an electrician, as this can be very pricey if it goes wrong – not to mention, the danger that you could face in the process.

No. 4 – Safety Concerns

The main reason that many people choose to employ the services of a professional electrician is purely down to safety.

Electricity, whilst vital to our everyday life, can also take it away just as easily – it really isn’t worth the risk.

Even the most simple of tasks for a professional electrician can pose significant danger and this is only magnified when the task is attempted by someone without the appropriate training and tools.

No. 5 Efficiency

There can be few better ways to guarantee that a job is completed quickly than leaving it to the pros!

Some people believe that they will save money when trying to complete the task themselves but if they ultimately need to phone an electrician anyway, the initial attempt will prove to be nothing more than false economy.

Further Information

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