There can be no doubt that our home plumbing systems are absolutely crucial to the smooth running of our homes. No system within the home is used as frequently as or with more dependency than the plumbing. Without effective plumbing, we would be unable to have a bath or a shower, go to the bathroom, wash out clothes using a washing machine, do the dishes etc, etc.

With something this important, it is essential that you at least understand the basics, so that should an emergency arise, you have a fighting chance of being able to rectify it.

Below we have drawn up our top 5 keys to plumbing success to make sure that the plumbing system in your home is running as smoothly as possible at all times.

  1. Spending Some Time Getting To Know the Ins and Outs of Your Plumbing System – It may sound obvious but an essential part of maintaining any plumbing system is knowing and understanding whereabouts in your home the pipes are. It is amazing how much damage is inadvertently caused by drilling through a wall and straight through a pipe! It is also important to know where your stop cock is.
  2. Make Regular Checks For Any Leaks – Early identification of a leak can save a huge amount of trouble (and money) further down the line. When not dealt with quickly, leaks cause a lot of water, and therefore money to wasted, not to mention the damage which can be caused. One of the best ways to check for leaks is to gauge the water meter on your property. Check the number before going to bed when everyone in the home is done using water for the evening, and again in the morning when you wake up before anyone uses any water. If the number in the morning is higher, it is quite possible there is a leak somewhere.
  3. Look After Your Hot Water Tank – If you want your hot water tank to look after you, it is important that you repay the favour. The average life of a hot water tank is approximately 10 years although it is far from uncommon for tanks to have problems long before this date.

If your tank is old or deficient, you should strongly consider replacing it to improve the overall efficiency of the home plumbing system.

  1. Drain Maintenance – It is important to have your drains checked and cleaned on a fairly regular basis (annually should be fine) by a professional to ensure that they do not stop draining water and begin draining your wallet!
  2. Know Your Limits – Many people love to view themselves as DIY experts but the truth is that whilst many jobs may seem like simple tasks, they can escalate at a frightening rate. It is strongly advised that, unless you are a licensed plumber, you do not undertake any home plumbing repairs, especially major ones, without at least the help and guidance of a professional plumber.


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