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The winter exposes our roofs to a very harsh inspection during the cold and wet months. A seemingly constant barrage of rain, sleet and snow will lead to any weakness or leak being full exploited with the potential for significant and costly damage not far behind.

It’s certainly a good idea to keep an eye on your roof throughout all times of the year, not just leaving it until it is time for the pre winter checks. Your roof should always be viewed as an investment and should be properly maintained throughout the year to protect your home or business and its occupants effectively.

First Line of Defence

The roof of any property is the first line of defence against the elements, and therefore ensuring it is prepared to repel adverse weather conditions is very important. A quick and simple visual roof inspection can reduce the prospect of roof damage in winter that could become more serious as the weather worsens, affecting the whole structure of your property. You can pretty much everything you need to by walking around the property and using binoculars if necessary.

For a more thorough inspection of your roof, it’s worth contacting a professional roofing firm such as J & P to complete a thorough check of your roof. A trained roofer will know what to look for and can spot weak points or problems areas straight away. The cost of a roof inspection from a qualified roofing company is often approximately only 10 to 30% of the cost of a new roof, so it is always worth being cautious.

Call in the Experts

Roof maintenance can generally be completed with little difficulty, but because of  obviously precarious position of a roof, this is often something better left to the experts.

By simply using either a power washing hose or an extended handle brush made especially for the purpose – just make that sure it’s safe to do so and that you’re confident with working at height. If you’re power washing your roof, make sure there’s no damage first or you could end up making the situation worse. And remember, never attempt any work on your roof if it’s wet.

Further Information

If you need the assistance of a high quality team of Gas Safe Registered plumbers, give us a call  on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 and our skilled team of plumbers will be able to quickly pay you a visit.

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