Are you tired of the way that your bathroom looks? Is it time for a change? The great news is that if you would like to create a distinctive edge that sets your bathroom apart, whether it is in terms of function or style, there is absolutely no need for it to cost you a fortune.

Below we have identified 3 of the easiest and most cost effective ways of making positive upgrades to your current bathroom set up.

Upgrading Your Shower Head

Upgrading your shower head may at first thought seem to be far too small a task to make a difference but that is rarely the case when it is done properly.

For example, the installation of a waterfall head, which produces one long stream of water as opposed to individual needle-thin jets can make a dramatic difference to both the look of the shower and how well it works. Better yet, the installation of an LED shower head, whose lights change colour as the temperature does, can offer a dramatic change in the way your shower works and looks.

Quick & Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrading Your Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom mirror is one of the most important parts of any bathroom and whilst a standard mirror will get the job done nicely, a little piece of glamour can really elevate your bathroom to another level by offering an attractive centre piece.

Upgrading Your Shower

Many people have a standard shower installed into their bathroom but by installing a thermostatic mixer shower you will be able to seriously upgrade the usability and performance of your shower.

Thermostatic showers work by taking the essential operation of a shower and automating it. In this way, instead of you perching halfway into the bath in just a towel, twiddling with the taps, you merely set the temperature you want and let the valve handle the maintenance of that heat for you.

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