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When you own a home, you have an awful lot of responsibilities. The lawn, the mortgage, the bills, shopping etc to name just a few. It’s probably safe to say that cleaning out the gutters is not exactly top of your to do list!

It’s easy to forget simply because the gutters are kind of out of site. If your toilet ceases to work, the chances are you are going to know it straight away. If you gutters are backed up more than the M25 on a bad day, there is every chance that you won’t know if until it’s too late.

Too many roofing and guttering companies will tell you that a new guttering system is How To Keep Your Gutters Cleanoften more economical than temporary repairs, and whilst this can be the case in certain circumstances there are also many occasions when repairs are perfectly acceptable and will give the guttering system many more years of usage.

Gutters can regularly become blocked by leaves, moss from a tiles roof etc. If the gutters are not cleared and cleaned this can cause problems including:

  • Cause rain water to run down external walls causing damp penetration into the property
  • Excessive weight in the guttering by water laden debris can cause guttering supports to break and cause extensive damage to guttering

J&P will safely, efficiently and thoroughly clean all your guttering and downpipes removing any blockages.

If you fancy a spot of DIY, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to gutter maintenance…

Don’t Wait Until The Winter

Don’t wait until the weather takes a turn for the worse. When it starts raining, it’s often too late to prevent problems as much of the damage is already done. Not only are your gutters already clogged, preventing proper flow, you’re also going to wind up scooping out a bunch of yucky, clumpy stuff instead of just dry leaves!

Do It Right!

Well… You get up there with a ladder and gloves and scoop that junk out with your hands. This is why it’s preferable to do it before it rains, so you won’t be scooping out mildew and soil. Dry leaves are easy to scoop out in a handful, wet gunk is a little trickier. So keep your ladder and gloves handy, and you can either bring a garbage bag with you or toss it to the ground and pick it up when you’re done.

Further Information

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