Keeping Your Radiators Warm

Does this sound like something that your dad used to do?? There is no doubt that bleeding radiators can help to ensure they run to their optimum level and below you will find a step by step guide quick illustrating how you can do this.

If you feel as though there is not enough heat coming out of your radiators, the chances are that this is the case. Do they feel warm at the bottom but cool at the top? This is likely to be caused by having air trapped in your radiators. Fortunately, there is a very simple fix available ensuring that the air is easily be removed giving you the maximum heat from your radiators throughout your house.

All radiators are fitted with a small valve enabling you to release this air in case your radiators are not giving off the required heat. Below is the correct and safest method of bleeding your radiators.

Step 1 – First, ensure that you switch off your central heating. This is very important, as you need to make sure that you do not let any additional air into your radiators or anywhere else in your system.

Step 2 – Switch of the bleed valve. These are usually a small red handle by the side of your radiator.

Step 3 – Get a bowl/bucket on hand to catch any water that may leak out.

Step 4 – Start the bleed process. If you cannot find your radiator bleed key, you can pick one up at any DIY store. The bleed valve is usually located at the top of your radiator. Once you begin to slowly turn the key, you will start to hear the air escape. Once water is continually coming out you can close the valve. The water maybe very hot so be careful. Do this on all your radiators. Do not be alarmed if you find discoloured water coming out of your radiator, as this is not uncommon and is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Step 5 – Switch on your central heating back on.

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