The Right Team For The Right Job

With so many plumbing-related tasks, confusion often regarding who you should call to provide the best solution to your problem.

We can make this easier by splitting up the type of plumber to categories depending on what work you need completing.

Water-Based Problem – If your plumbing problem is water-based, broken pipes, shower not working etc, a plumber should be your first port of call., then you can call a regular plumber. These plumbers will often be cheaper to book but won’t have Gas Safe accreditation.

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Gas Based Problem – If you have a problem with a boiler or you need a new kitchen hob fitted, it is crucial that you use the services of a plumber that is legally allowed to work on gas appliances. To satisfy this requirement, your plumber must be fully Gas Safe registered. This accreditation ensures that the plumber completing the work is familiar with all current safety standards and will carry out all work to be compliant with current regulations.

The risks associated with gas appliances going wrong is very high if they are not correctly installed and maintained on a regular basis. The fact that it is a legal requirement to have Gas Safe registered engineers work on your gas appliances should never be overlooked.

Blocked Drains – If you find that the drains leading outside your property are blocked then this is a job for a drains engineer. They will have the specialist jetting tools needed to clear any blockages that might be causing you inconvenience.

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