There is no time of the year where having your boiler serviced is a bad idea. During the winter it can help to keep it running to optimum levels and during the summer it can help to ensure it is really as intended when it is needed.

If your boiler is acting up, and repairs are becoming more frequent, it may be time to replace it and at J & P we are here to help!

If your boiler is working well though and you’d still like to find additional ways of saving energy this winter, check out these great tips and tricks below!

Use these energy saving tricks

There are plenty of simple things you can do to cut how much energy you use and save money on your bills. Here are just a few you can try:

  • Wear extra layers instead of turning the heating up
  • Time your heating for when you get up and for a couple of hours in the evening
  • Switch off lights you don’t need and use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Exclude draughts with heavy curtains and sausage-shaped draught excluders near doors
  • Turn down your thermostat by one degree (it can reduce your heating bill by 10%)
  • Turn off heaters in rooms you aren’t using and shut the door
  • Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby
  • Match the saucepan size to the hob ring (otherwise, you’re paying to heat the air)
  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees

For more tips on keeping your money in YOUR pocket, please click here.

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