How Effective Are Gas Boiler Systems

There are now a wide variety of heating systems available on the market, some of which are generate their power from oil, whilst a number of the newer type of systems use solar heat. However the more conventional fuel to power central heating system boilers is gas.

Types of Gas Boiler Systems

There exist a number of gas powered boilers which can be installed, with three main designs coming to the fore:

  • The First Type: Conventional gas boilers are installed the most and are more common.  However they require a constant supply of water and has its heating cylinder which is installed at a different location and is filled with cold water before setting it out to the boiler.
  • The Second Type: The next most common type of gas powered boiler that is the Combi boiler. Smaller in scale, it is perfect for any home which has space at a premium. It works on a different principle to the conventional gas boiler in that cold water is directly fed into the boiler instead of using a heating cylinder as the case is in regular boilers. This type of boiler is a more technologically advanced central heating system than the regular conventional boilers because the costs to install and run are relatively lower as there is no need for a heating cylinder to be installed in the house, cutting down the costs and saving space.
  • The Third Type: and the most technologically advanced type of boiler powered by gas is the system boiler. It incorporates more advancement and is relatively easier to install and maintain. This not only saves time but also saves a lot of unwanted effort put into the task. It works similar to the combi boiler and takes in cold water directly to heat it and then via cylindrical pipes goes on to radiators.

Advantages of Gas Powered Boilers

One of the most important advantages of a central heating system powered by gas is the fact that it’s easier to maintain and relatively easier to install than a solar powered central heating system or an oil powered central heating system.

Other advantages include:

• Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to
combat global warming.
• Improving household efficiency thus reducing fuel bills.

J & P  Plumbing always been a step ahead of other companies and should definitely be consulted on this. Another advantage is the fact that a gas powered boiler saves up on cost that might be incurred if a solar panel is installed or of in this day of heightened inflation, oil is a fuel source.

Further Information

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