Regardless of whether it’s in your home, business or anywhere else, a blocked drain can cause serious problems

As such it is vital to have the blocked drain taken care of as quickly as possible.

The J&P Group are professional drainage engineers and are fully equipped with specialist high-pressure water jetting equipment to clean your drains and where appropriate help removes any blockages.

Why do drains need cleaning?

Drains need cleaning due to substance build up in the inside of the walls of the drains. This is usually due to (1) grease (2) silt (3) leaves and other garden material. Substance builds upon the drain wall if not cleaned will eventually cause a blockage.

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Using high-pressure water jetting equipment we will clean off any substance build up in the internal walls of sewers, pipework and manholes. High pressure jetting offers the most effective technique aimed at clearing blockages in drains and sewers. The jetting process involves propelling streams of high-pressure water into pipes and sewers to ensure that any debris is removed and the insides receive a thorough clean.

At the right pressure, water is capable of removing roots, dissolving blockages and removing grease and soaps. The water will also wash away any dirt and debris that has collected at the bottom of the pipe.

After we have jetted and cleaned the drainage system we will always de-odourise and disinfect the system leaving your drains clean and fresh.
We offer a whole range of drainage services, including:

Emergency Drainage

If there is a problem with the drainage within a property, especially is the main drain from the property is blocked and all WC and sinks are backing up, not only is this an inconvenience but can be a health hazard and emergency that could render the property uninhabitable.

J&P realise the urgency of this situation and have emergency drainage on call 24/7 to deal with your emergency drainage problem. With our fully trained and experienced drainage engineers are fully equipped with the latest equipment we will resolve your drainage problem quickly and efficiently.

Book an Engineer

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