Don't Get Caught Out Again This Winter

Act now to avoid heating misery this winter

After last year’s devastating winter the team at J&P Group want to help reduce the number of customers that are caught out by the ravaging effects that damaged pipes can cause for a home or business during the onset of winter. Our simple guide has been designed to help you reduce the chances of water damage occurring, and, of course, the associated costs of rectifying these problems.

It’s a scary thought but one recent survey actually indicated that a significant percentage of people didn’t know how to switch off their water supply in an emergency situation.

Protect Yourself

Last winter, homes throughout the UK were affected by the prolonged big freeze. This year, by following a number of simple steps, you can effectively protect your home from the ravages of a severe winter.

There can be little doubt about the ability of water to devastate a home and water does not focus on only those with house insurance! Freezing temperatures inevitably mean freezing pipes and, should they burst, the time to act is limited before the damage becomes significant.

Fortunately, the majority of leaks are very much avoidable and by following the steps below, you will be one step closer to avoiding getting caught out this winter.

  • If there is a forecast freeze, ensure the central heating is kept to a minimum 12C-15C.
  • Insulate any exposed pipes, such as those founds in attics and garages etc.
  • Lag your cold water tank.
  • Leave doors open on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This will allow warmer air to reach pipes.
  • Leave the loft hatch door open as allowing warmer air to reach the loft can help prevent the cold tank from freezing.
  • Turn off the water supply to outside taps. Turn off the mains water at the stopcock unless you have a combi-boiler that requires constant mains pressure.
  • If you are away for a long time over the winter, it may be worth draining your cold water system.
  • If you do return to frozen pipes, use only gentle heat, such as towels soaked in warm water, to try to thaw them.

What To Do in an Emergency?

If you discover a leak, turn off the water at the stopcock at the first possible opportunity. Put plugs in to the bath and sinks to capture the water and open the taps to drain down the  system – making sure the bath and sinks don’t overflow.

Call your local plumber on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 immediately.

The water you capture will give you a temporary supply while you await help. Call your insurance company and arrange professional help. Speak to your insurance provider to find out how this applies to your policy and for more information on the level of insurance cover you have in place and the terms and conditions of your policy.

Further Information

If you need the assistance of a high quality team of Gas Safe Registered plumbers, give us a call  on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 and our skilled team of plumbers will be able to quickly pay you a visit.

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