We have cleaned, and will clean all types of drains.

We have been helping both homes and businesses in London cleaning their drains now for over 25 years. From unblocking a sink in a one bed flat, to clearing out the gutters of a three bed semi, to drain maintenance and cleaning in restaurants, takeaways, and supermarkets, garages etc…

We have the expertise and equipment to deal will all your drain cleaning requirements.

Drainage Notting Hill

Drainage Cleaning Services

We provide a wide range of drain cleaning services from clearing blocked sinks, unblocking toilets, plus clearing gulley’s, guttering and manholes; basically if it’s part of the drainage system within your property we will clear it, unblock it, clean it.

Professional Drain Clearing Equipment

We have the full range of professional drain cleaning equipment which enables us to remove the majority of blockages, plus ensures blockages are removed quickly and efficiently with minimal mess or disruption.

For small drainage pipes we use Electro Mechanical Cleaning equipment, and for the larger sized drains we will use high pressure water jetting equipment.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Whether the property is residential or commercial the causes of drain blockages are similar – substance build-up inside the pipes includes grease, silt and leaves. This is primarily caused by:

  1. Grease and fat poured down a kitchen sink
  2. General debris or garden rubbish and leaves finding their way into the drains from around your property
  3. Nappies or sanitary towels flushed down the WC.

Regular Drain Cleaning

For many properties it is highly advised that there is a regular cleaning programme to ensure they do not become blocked.  For commercial properties, especially take-always or restaurants who have to deal with large quantities of fats and grease on a regular basis a drain cleaning maintenance programme is essential.

J and P have a number of commercial drainage Chelsea clients throughout whom we clean their drains or a regular basis, so they do not have to face the situation of a blocked drain.

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