Is Central Heating The Best Method of Keeping Warm

It may seem difficult to believe but before central heating was so widely implemented, families had to find different methods of heating their homes and premises. Although some of these methods seem rather old school compared to the options available now, many of them still offered reliable methods.

So what were the means people used before central heating and cooling was so vastly available?

Wood stoves

Wood stoves were one of the original methods of heating a room or property and have been in use for a significant period of time. Built from metals that can withstand high temperatures, they were usually positioned in the rooms that the properties occupants spent the majority of their time, with living areas and kitchens often proving to be popular areas. .

Modern Day Alternatives

Modern day heat pumps, air conditioning systems and central heating systems all take extra care to be sure they are as green and economically friendly as possible. So having a lesser impact on the earth may just be a good trade off for everyone as it stands. No trees need to be cut down to build up a wood stove fire and that by itself is a benefit to the natural order of things.

Swift Heating

A central heating system will heat up a house quickly and the hotter the radiators are, the quicker the house will heat.  On the face of it, therefore, operating a boiler at maximum means a warm home, quicker.

However, the efficiency of a central heating system – and this is particularly true for modern condensing boilers – depends a very great deal on the correct matching of boiler power output to the size and number of radiators. For the most informed advice regarding this, give the team at J & P a call, so that we can talk you through your options. It is therefore crucial to ensure that not only the is the correct boiler installed to start off with but it is then used using the correct power output setting.

Try operating the boiler with as low an output setting as is consistent with achieving the required warmth in your home in a reasonable time. Do be aware, however, that operating at low boiler output temperatures will also mean that water in your domestic hot water tank will take longer to warm-up too – so a little trial-and-error will be required.

All in all, nothing can keep a good central heating system for keeping us warm during the cold winter months.

Further Information

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