Technology is evolving all of the time and it is absolutely no different in the plumbing industry. Whereas a few years ago people would have associated CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with being a crime prevention device, CCTV now plays a pivotal role in helping to get to the bottom of drainage issues.

Why Would I Need A CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV (closed circuit television) is a very useful tool for the drainage engineer as most drains are either concealed within the building or underground.

There needs to be a way of diagnosing problems and finding out the condition of drain system components; the most cost effective and efficient way of doing this is via a CCTV survey.

A small CCTV camera is mounted on the end of a rubber hose and pushed into the drainage system transmitting a picture of the inside of the drainage pipe-work and sewers. This film can be viewed real time on a screen by the operator; the film is also recorded for re-inspection at a future date.

There are many reasons why you may need a CCTV drain survey which may include:
1.    Finding out the cause of a blockage or problem
2.    Find out the condition of drains to either inform a property purchase or inform whether maintenance or remedial works are required

Collapsed Drains

A common cause of drainage problems within London are collapsed drains between the property and public sewer. This is primarily due to very old drainage pipe-work, but also can be caused by roots from nearby bushes and trees compromising the wall of the drain.

The only way to economically determine is a drain has collapsed is via a CCTV drain survey.

Getting To The Root of the Problem

Did you know that the drainage in older properties can often be more susceptible to tree root problems which can lead to a whole host of problems for the property owner?

Trees are a ‘root’ cause of drainage blockages and it is often only through the implementation of a CCTV drain survey that we can get to the ‘root’ of the problem.

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