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To ensure that your heating system keeps you nice and warm when you need it the most, make sure that you do no neglect it. If you do not maintain your boiler and allow problems to build up, there is every chance that you will take significant steps towards a problem which will be both costly and time consuming taking place at a time that you need the system most.

Though the use of annual maintenance services from J & P, you will be able to work towards extending the life of your heating system and maximise your initial expenditure.

Long Lasting Systems

Even taking into account the fact that the cost of heating systems and boilers are coming down, it is still next to impossible to make a case for them being cheap! Therefore ensuring that it is properly maintained is very important.

To minimise any potential problems we recommend our boiler repairs and central heating servicing so we can identify and repair any small problem before it escalates and costs you more money and disruption.

Boiler Pressure

There should be a pressure gauge on your boiler check this when you start the boiler for the season. Also take a look at it at least once every month whenever the boiler is in operation. Your boiler manual should tell you what the pressure should be if the boiler pressure is different you may need boiler maintenance. It is a good idea to check your boiler every month when it is in operation. All you’ll need to do is check the pressure and look at the boiler itself. Look for leaks, and damage just like you would when you check the boiler in the fall. If you see any leaks, damage or cracks, shut the boiler down and call for maintenance.

Keep the Boiler Clear

Always keep the area around the boiler clear when it is in operation. Never store anything that could melt or catch fire close to the boiler because of the fire hazard. Make sure furniture, papers, appliances, paint, aerosol cans, gasoline and other such items are kept as far back from the boiler as possible. You should keep the boiler clear so you can get a good look at it when you’re inspecting it. In particular you should be able to get to the gauge and the pilot light. You’ll want to be able to get to the boiler quickly in case there is an emergency.

Further Information

If you need the assistance of a high quality team of Gas Safe Registered plumbers, give us a call  on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 and our skilled team of plumbers will be able to quickly pay you a visit.

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