When emergency plumbing situations including broken pipes and severely blocked drains arise, speed is always of the essence and the sooner you can get a plumber in to rectify the situation the better. Is there anything that can be done prior to the plumber arriving that may help with the completion of the job?

Not only will a bit of preliminary work help to speed up the completion of the job, it may also potentially lead to a smaller bill at the end due to the overall job taking less time to complete.

Below you will find our 3 top tips to help speed the process along. All of the tips can be very helpful for any attending plumber and can prove to be beneficial in a number of ways.

Tip 1 – Finding the Stopcock 

The stopcock is vitally important for any plumbing related task as it controls the supply of water to a property. Generally found somewhere in the kitchen, they often look very similar to an outdoor tap. Turning the stopcock clockwise will turn off the water supply to the property, turning it the other way will re-open it again.

For nearly all emergency plumbing work, the attending plumber will need the water supply to be turned off. Locating and informing the plumber where the stopcock is when the arrive will help to speed up the process.

Tip 2 – Finding the Boiler, Heating Controls & Water Tank.

If the emergency work involves a central heating system, having knowledge of the location of all the heating appliances will help to move the process along. Boilers are regularly located in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms (sometimes in sealed cupboards) or airing cupboards. Water tanks will be generally be found in cupboards, airing cupboards or lofts and central heating controls can be found all around the house.

Tip 3 – Finding the Manhole to Your Property.

If the emergency work relates to a blocked drain, then an expert with specialist equipment must be called in. To help speed this process along, identifying the location of the property’s manhole is a great place to start.

Generally, the manhole related to a property will be square metal cover which can be found on either the front or the back of the property.

If you are unable to get to the root of the problem, give us a call on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 and our skilled team of plumbers will be able to quickly pay you a visit to get everything back in full working order.


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