There can be no doubt that the plumbing system is one of the most important parts of any home. Never given a second thought when running smoothly, the negative impact created by problems caused by a poorly functioning plumbing system can be wide ranging.

Think about every time you take a shower, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, do the dishes, do your laundry, etc. Most people are also unaware that their gas lines actually count as plumbing, as well, so even the heating in many homes is directly related to the central plumbing system.

Below we have highlighted 5 easy to follow top tips to help keeping your plumbing system running as smoothly as possible.

No. 1 – Getting to Know Your Plumbing System

The first and possibly most important of all these tips is ensuring that you know exactly where the pipes in your house are.

Often times, during unrelated home renovations, piping can be inadvertently damaged by wayward nails, staples, etc.

Finding the stop-cock is also essential to ensure that you can turn the water off quickly in case of an emergency.

No. 2 – Keep Your Eyes Out For Any Leaks

Nipping leaks in the bud can save many costly headaches. Water companies do not care if the water is coming from your tap or a leaking pipe, if not taken care of quickly, leaks cause a lot of water, and therefore money to be wasted.

Regular checking can help to significantly reduce the risk posed by leaking pipes and the easiest way to check for leaks is to gauge the water meter on your property.

I neat little trick to help with this is to check last thing at night and then again first thing in the morning. Taking into account any late night bathroom trips, it is highly unlikely that your property should be consuming much water whilst you are asleep and a significant rise can indicate a leak.

No. 3 – Maintaining Your Hot Water Tank

Although the average lifespan of a hot water tank is over a decade, they can often begin to develop problems, long before then.

It is therefore important to check your hot water tank every few months to ensure that it is running as it should.

If your tank is old or deficient, you should strongly consider replacing it to improve the overall efficiency of the home plumbing system.

No. 4 – Ensure That Your Drains Keep Functioning Correctly

It is important to have your drains regularly maintained by a professional plumbing team to ensure that they are running to their optimum level. Floods and leaks are common place when drains are left unchecked and you will quickly find that it is far more cost-efficient to maintain your drains than to have to pay for an excavation and replace them.

No. 5 – Leave The Difficult Jobs To The Professionals

Playing it safe and not biting off more than you can chew is always a safe adage when it comes to plumbing issues. What may often seem like a simple plumbing job can quickly become a complete nightmare if you do not have the proper skills.

By following these five easy steps, you may ensure that your home plumbing system not only runs as efficiently as possible, but that it is healthier for your family and your bank account.

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