There are lots of things that can be done with the minimum of fuss to help keep your home warm and cosy as the temperature outside begins to drop.

Below, the excellent team at British Gas have highlighted 5 of their tops tips to help warm your home during the winter.

1. Give your gutters a clear-out

It’s not a nice job but at this time of year it’s important to make sure your guttering is clear of sticks and leaves. Once you’re up the ladder, make sure the pipes can carry water away from your home. This prevents damp from getting into your walls which can cause damage.

2. Add some layers to your loft

Loft insulation can really make a big difference to keeping the heat in your home. Even if you’ve got insulation, it’s worth checking it’s up to standard. 

3. Wrap your pipes up warm

You can keep your cold pipes cosy by wrapping them up with lagging which you can buy online for a few pounds. This could stop them from freezing and avoids blockages and burst pipes. Check the problem areas first, where the pipes run outside or in cold areas of your home, like your garage. Cut the lagging to length, wrap up the straight bits and don’t worry about the kinks.

4. Give your radiators some TLC

Bleeding a radiator can seem like a daunting task. But it’s really easy and will help keep your home toasty this winter. If your radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, they’ll need bleeding.

Turn off your heating and get a cloth and a bleed key ready. At the top of your radiator, turn the valve anti-clockwise until you hear a hiss (don’t worry, it’s only air). Hold a rag below to catch any water that drips. Once water starts to flow, tighten the value up and you’re done. 

5. Keep your boiler ticking over

When the weather is cold, it’s a good idea to heat your home for one hour every day, even when you’re away. It helps keep things running smoothly and it’s easy to do from your boiler timer. Each boiler is different, but you’ll find out how to set yours with the manual that came with your unit or if you search for your model’s instructions online.

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