Most people will be aware that some water is classed as “soft” and some is “hard” – but what’s the difference and how do you know which type of water you have in your home?

Here are a few of the tell-tale signs that your water is hard which can cause problems for your plumbing, your clothes, your hair and your skin.

  • Sign No. 1 – Hard water causes damage to your crockery and cutlery after repeated exposure. If you notice that your cutlery, dishes and glasses are marked it is due to the excessive mineral particles in the water which are not only highly abrasive but can also cause staining.
  • Sign No. 2 – If the water in your property is hard it can wreak havoc with your plumbing system. Solid deposits called “scale” will build up in faucets, bath tubs and showers. This not only looks unsightly but can also cause problems. Plumbing systems and boilers which continually pump the hard water through them can become clogged up and less efficient when it comes to passing the water through. Defective plumbing is a real tell tale sign that your water is too hard.
  • Sign No. 3 – If you and your family start to suffer from dry, itchy skin and hair which is dull and unmanageable it could be another sign of hard water. The levels of magnesium salts and calcium in the water can affect the efficiency of shampoos and soaps to cleanse properly and you will find it difficult to produce a good lather when shampooing your hair. This precipitate of minerals can bind the hair making it dull and unmanageable.
  • Sign No. 4 – Your clothes and other soft furnishings will also suffer after repeated washings in hard water. Any white clothes will get a grayish blue tinge and brightly coloured clothes will become faded and less vibrant. Clothes may also start to feel hard and scratchy. Washing powders can only do a minimum amount to counteract these effects, even products which are specially designed to work in hard water areas.
  • Sign No. 5 – Swimming pools filled with hard water will often have a cloudy or murky appearance. This is because the increased levels of Calcium salts cause problems with the filtration system in the pool. You may also notice permanent scaling on the inside pool walls.

If you notice any of these hard water signs then you should look out for products which have been specifically formulated to deal with hard water.  Water softeners can also be fitted which will clean the supply of water before it enters your property.

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