Heating is often the last thing people want to think about during the hot summer months. However the summer is often the perfect time to have a new heating system installed rather than leaving it until the time that you desperately need it.

Increasing Popularity

Whilst many people are already aware of the benefits of standard central heating, a new type of heating is increasing in popularity. This type of hearing is called – under floor heating.

This type of heating is particularly good for houses that are facing space restrictions. However, all those homeowners who are looking for a more comfortable heating option would definitely choose under floor heating.

To help provide an insight in to how under floor heating can benefit you, we have drawn up a list of some of the leading advantages.

  1. Money Saving Abilities – Without doubt, under floor heating systems are better in terms of cost when compared to other different types of current home heating options available these days.
  2. Low Maintenance – Under floor heating is very quick and easy to install and there will be hardly any need for maintenance.
  3. Reduced Allergy Issues – If you are an allergy sufferer you know how difficult it gets for you to control your condition with the radiators on. These radiators collect a lot of dust which may start circulating in the room and create problems. With under floor heating, you don’t have to worry about such issues. In fact, dust mites would also be removed from the carpets because of continuous heat.
  4. A Better Heating Experience – The heat that comes from radiators is often quite uncomfortable. However, with under floor heating, the warmth lasts much longer and doesn’t become as uncomfortable as well. It is a quietly running system that would not cause any groans that come with old radiators. 

However, the initial costs are not where the money saving will end. The installation of under floor heating from our London heating experts offers the ability to save approximately 15-50% on your heating bills with the help of these systems. As such, warm air tends to rise. As the floor is usually closer to the places where you sit or sleep, you would be getting more warm air than radiators hung on your walls.

Further Information

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