26 09, 2013

When is the Right Time to Have my Boiler Checked?

2018-06-19T06:23:01+00:00September 26th, 2013|

Is Now The Right Time? There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to the ideal time to have your boiler serviced. Some people think that it is most beneficial to have their boiler serviced during the middle of winter, others believe that the end of the winter when the boiler gas received lots of use is the ideal time. Some will have it as part of an annual service once a year and depending on [...]

24 09, 2013

How To Choose The Right Boiler

2018-06-19T06:23:18+00:00September 24th, 2013|

What Do You Need To Know? With a small number of exceptions, all new new and replacement boilers must comply with new regulations designed to ensure they can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%. As an additional benefit, due to increased efficiency, they can also help to reduce heating bills by a further 40%! It is worth taking this into account because although the initial expenditure may be a little more, it will only take a few energy bills before [...]

19 09, 2013

A Guide to Central Heating Installation

2018-05-21T12:54:59+00:00September 19th, 2013|

What Do You Need To Know? A complete central heating installation can mean a massive improvement for your property and includes a large number of components, some which are on show within the property. The following is an initial list of questions which will help inform your central heating system design and product selection: Fuel Supply - Do you have a gas supply to your building? Gas fired boilers are the most economical to install and run. Hot Water Cylinder - Will [...]

12 09, 2013

Avoiding The Disruption Caused By a Broken Boiler

2019-04-23T13:20:31+00:00September 12th, 2013|

Avoiding Major Distruption A central heating boiler is a very expensive piece of equipment that can often be used within a property every day. If a boiler fails this can be a major cause disruption within a household. As with a motor vehicle, a boiler needs to be serviced an an annual basis to ensure any minor faults are rectified, ensure it is safe to use, and that the boiler life is prolonged to it maximum. Especially with today’s condensing [...]

5 09, 2013

No Heat in Radiator?

2018-06-19T06:24:16+00:00September 5th, 2013|

Stay Warm This Winter If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY expert, these tips might help you get to the root of why your radiator is not as warm as it should be by helping diagnose the problem in your central heating system and maybe to fix cold radiator problem without calling a plumber. Step 1 -The first thing to take a look at is whether the valves on either side of the radiator are fully open. [...]

3 09, 2013

Would You Know What To Do If Your Boiler Broke Down?

2019-03-20T09:15:11+00:00September 3rd, 2013|

Boiler Breakdown Tips It is with a sense of irony that we can let you know that by far the most common time for a central heating boiler to break down is when we need it most! – the first time it is switched on after the summer, in a really cold snap etc. Finding yourself without heating and/or hot water is not fun at the best of times, especially in freezing weather. It is crucially important that if your [...]

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