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14 11, 2013

Effective Winter Warming Tips

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Although modern day central heating is highly efficient, it can still be an issue heating parts of a property which are not regularly used. This can be especially so in larger properties. Ideal Scenario In an ideal scenario, we would all love to be able to simply switch on our central heating to heat our homes all day and night at a consistent temperature of our choosing. However, due to the constant overlooking of maintenance and servicing, this is not [...]

11 11, 2013

Is Central Heating The Best Method of Keeping Warm

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It may seem difficult to believe but before central heating was so widely implemented, families had to find different methods of heating their homes and premises. Although some of these methods seem rather old school compared to the options available now, many of them still offered reliable methods. So what were the means people used before central heating and cooling was so vastly available? Wood stoves Wood stoves were one of the original methods of heating a room or property [...]

7 11, 2013

Should I Move to an A Rated Boiler

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With money being tight throughout the country, it only makes sense that people are exploring a variety of ways to save money. It is no coincidence that as the weather gets colder, household energy bills begin to rise, and as such, looking for ways to cut back on heating bills should be right at the top of the money saving list. If you haven’t yet made the move to an A-rated boiler there has never been a better time than [...]

1 11, 2013

How Effective Are Gas Boiler Systems

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There are now a wide variety of heating systems available on the market, some of which are generate their power from oil, whilst a number of the newer type of systems use solar heat. However the more conventional fuel to power central heating system boilers is gas. Types of Gas Boiler Systems There exist a number of gas powered boilers which can be installed, with three main designs coming to the fore: The First Type: Conventional gas boilers are installed the [...]