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19 07, 2013

Keeping Energy Bills Down

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Are Your Energy Bills Out of Control? At a time where money is tight for everyone, the ability to keep energy bills under control is a high priority for households throughout all areas of the UK. According to the Energy Savings Trust the boiler in your home or property will account for approximately 60% of the amount you spend on energy bills throughout the year. Therefore ensuring that you have an efficient boiler has the potential to make a BIG difference. [...]

16 07, 2013

Don’t Suffer with Blocked Drains

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Do Your Drains Need Unblocking? Regardless of whether it’s in your home, business or anywhere else, a blocked drain can cause serious problems. As such it is vital to have the blocked drain taken care of as quickly as possible. J and P Plumbing are professional drainage engineers and are fully equipped with specialist high pressure water jetting equipment to clean you drains and where appropriate help remove any blockages. Why do drains need cleaning? Drains need cleaning due to substance [...]

11 07, 2013

How a Reliable Plumber Can Make Your Life Easier

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Leave it to the professionals There are certain jobs around the house that are vital to keeping anything running smoothly and many of these related to plumbing in one way or another. Plumbing is a highly specialised job and as such is one that should always be left to the professionals. A simple call to us can help to make things much easier in a variety of different ways. Hygiene, Sanitation & Safety - There can be no disputing the fact [...]

5 07, 2013

Get The Right Team for the Plumbing Job

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The Right Team For The Right Job With so many plumbing related tasks, confusion often regarding who you should call to provide the best solution to your problem. We can make this easier by splitting up the types of plumber to categories depending on what work you need completed. Water Based Problem - If your plumbing problem is water based, broken pipes, shower not working etc, a plumber should be your first port of call., then you can call a regular [...]